Our amazing patent pending process to repair almost any sort of damage to a bench top is ready to fix your benchtop damage, and our tried and proven methods have been well accepted in the marketplace.

Unsightly heat blister photo.

Unsightly heat blister on an
otherwise pristine benchtop.

Repaired heat blister photo.

Repaired benchtop.

We repair all brands of (H.P.D.L.) High Pressure decorative Laminates including Formica, Wilsonart, Pionite. We can also repair some Stonex, Granite and Marble bench tops (depending on type of damage). We do not repair solid surface bench tops such as Corian, Trazzini, Uroform or Avonite as these require a totally different process and brand compatible resins.

This is a staged process wherein the worst case scenario is where the laminate has had water damage and the substrate underneath the laminate has "blown" swelling the surface out of shape or if an item like a hot pot has been taken directly off a hot oven element and has blistered the laminate through to the substrate.

The first stage in these cases is to remove all damaged or loose material off the surface and restore the integrity of the surface back to flush with the existing top.

Then the colour or pattern is applied to match the existing colour or pattern of surrounding area.

Finally the texture and gloss of the surface are matched and blended in to the surrounding area.

Although we can match some patterns and finishes so they are totally undetectable most would be described as unnoticeable. If you didn't know where the damage was you would never notice it.

Removal of tea stains

Old benches can gradually get a "tea stain look." We have developed a product which we can remove these for you.

Safe removal of glue

Most glues can be chemically broken down and safely removed without damaging the laminate surface. Please don't try to do this yourself! It is a simple process for our technicians who are trained in these procedures. Many times we have had to repair benches that wouldn't have otherwise been damaged.

Acid/ Bleach stains

Sometimes harsh chemicals can be spilt on a laminate that will eat through the surface leaving a discoloured area but not damaging the substrate. Sometimes we can hide these simply with our final texture application. More severe discolouration will require our colour /pattern matching techniques.


So often one small scratch on a new bench top can be so annoying we can fix that for you.