At Bench Doctors we repair kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities and flooring.

There is a reason why our motto is “our best work is never noticed” because by the time we repair damaged kitchen or bathroom benchtops, you’ll never know it was damaged in the first place!

We are a New Zealand owned company which currently offers services throughout Auckland, Northland, Hamilton, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki and Christchurch.


We repair:

  • Heat damage

  • Chips

  • Dents

  • Scratches

  • Uneven joints

  • Sinks that have come loose from benchtop

We can disguise:

  • Acid marks

  • Bleach stains

  • Any other discolouration

We can remove:

  • Superglue

  • Most other glue residue.

We can repair a varity of benchtops and vanity types


Is your benchtop looking worse for wear? Before you think about replacing it, call us and we’ll fix it almost like new. Repairing your bench will save you around 80% of the cost of replacing it!

We can repair the following benchtop types:

● Granite
● Marble
● Engineered stone
● Laminate benchtop repairs
● Wooden repairs
● Formica



Don’t put up with cracks or damage in your bath, shower, or sink


Call us at Bench Doctors and we’ll restore most bathroom surfaces, including your bath, shower, sink or tiling. 

Increasingly, we are being asked to repair separation of sinks from bench tops. We are now pleased to be able to include this process as another of our services.

We can repair:

● Plastic
● Fibreglass
● Acrylic repairs



We can repair Ceramic, Wood and Linoleum Floors as well Stone Tiles


At Bench Doctors we can repair most damages to your tiles and flooring, including ceramics, stone, wood and linoleum.

While wooden surfaces can be repaired, the results vary depending on the type and grain of timber used. Some repairs can be seen in certain angles and light.